As a pioneer manufacturer in Iran and specially in middle east ,we are very pleasure to add this note that we have cooperated with some European companies and exported some parts to them let’s say:Flange,transmission shaft, variant gear, axle parts, crown wheel ,pinion, suspension system parts, connecting road, control arm and etc.

It is our honor; we could get some certifications from one famous Italian company during their potential supplier assessment. Besides we have archived all ISO certification in management & production systems.

For more information in following words, we have summarized our activities in the export sector:

Company name                 Activity Field                  Part Name                       Country

Carraro                               Component                 Swivel Housing                       Italy

Gepalk                                 Spare part                           Hub                                       Italy

Maet                                    Spare part                           Gear                                      Italy


We are looking forward to adding your name in this list in recent future.

At the end of our words, we will be on duty for you with success in manufacturing, reliable services, keeping the best quality with our experienced staffs and managers, positive thoughts for today and in the future.


Our Focus:

We focus on individual requirements of our customers. Complicated projects motivate us to drive on the success road.

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